The Empowering Entrepreneur with Michelle Niziol

I wanted to use my first blog post to be a reflection on the amazing experience I have had today and a first for me as a business woman. I had the privileged to join five lovely & creative women on Michelle Niziol launch of 'The Empowering Entrepreneur' which was such an honour to be picked! I have always known about Michelle and her massive success in business but didn't actually think I would have an opportunity like this, me being such a small business! I was drawn into this particular business of hers because it brings like minded women together and today I met five amazing ladies who are so similar to myself its crazy! similar positions business wise and also personality wise, I actually don't think we stopped talking for the entire day! The whole mastermind thing is completely new to me, I have never attended one before but to say its life changing is an understatement, I feel like a new woman! I lack serious amounts of confidence and today showed me that for sure, I think its hard going into the business i'm in, its so competitive! starting off its scary and being a young female in this industry is hard work! Slowly but surely I am building up a successful business and I do believe in myself but what is helping my confidence loads if that others believe in me to, Michelle has seen something in me that I didn't and sometimes you just need a gentle nudge in the right direction! The part in particular that Michelle made me realise is that I care about the job that I do, like really care! I care about each of my clients and their big day is just as important to me as it is to them, for me this goes way beyond just making money and I want and have to deliver a great service! I get a huge buzz for giving my Brides & Grooms the best day possible and delivering those photographs they dreamed of! Photography is such a personal industry and you have to be a peoples person or this job certainly isn't for you, I just thrive from making others happy! The business that Michelle has launched is going to help so many other women just like myself who is stuck and unsure on what direction to take next, motivation is hard when you work alone most days and rarely with any adult interaction! of course I meet with my clients & capture their weddings and family photographs but the in between is the lonely stage and today I realised I am not alone! and we can all empower each other to achieve the very best. So Thank you Michelle for believing in me and showing me that you really can achieve anything with hard work and the right mindset and thank you for introducing me to some amazing women who I know will be contacts if not friends for life! I can't wait for more of these sessions in the future & to meet up again! If anyone reading this blog would like to find out more and attend the same session, simply go to

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